Avoiding Un-Budgeted Cost Blowouts on Your Software Spend

The unplanned spend on Software Compliance fines is on average 10X greater than an organisation’s annual software spend with that Vendor. Are you certain that this wont happen to your organisation?

Managing these unbudgeted and unexpected cost blowouts in your Software Budget requires more than proactive planning & strong governance.

Are you confident that your Procurement & Legal Teams understand enough about the terms and conditions and ‘gotchas’ with Software Vendors? As the experts in this field we can review and advise your organisation of all the risks and hidden traps in your existing and upcoming software contracts.

We work with the Legal, Procurement and IT Teams in many customers to review their software contracts before an upcoming renewal, or before they sign a new contract.

You can’t Insure against Compliance fines you may incur in the future

But you can ensure that you avoid them

IBM and Oracle have published new Terms & Conditions for the use of their Software. More to come shortly on these changes.

And, are you confident that you are not over spending on your software licences.

Many customers who proactively manage their software purchasing from end to end are able to divert the savings from unused software licences to other key business projects.

For a confidential discussion about identifying any potential financial exposures email [email protected]