TargetBase Insourcing is a specialist resourcing business that places skilled sales, marketing, technical and operations employees into enterprises, education and healthcare organisations across Asia Pacific and Japan. When global lockdowns hit in 2020, the whole TargetBase Integrated team quickly and easily pivoted from an office-based environment to working remotely, without a glitch.


“The Google technology that the whole team was using, meant that everyone was able to continue their roles as usual, regardless of where they were based,” said Nick Maclay, Director, TargetBase Integrated.


The TargetBase Integrated team all use Google Chromebooks with Google Workspace, which provided the flexibility to easily shift to remote working, with very little complexity and no requirement for new technology investment. Google Workspace is a suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration apps including Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drive, Calendar and Meet, which can run on Chromebooks or other devices. The added benefit of Chromebooks is that they are highly secure by design and very easy to use.


“Security was a top concern for us, especially considering most of our team works with confidential client information. We also didn’t want to be concerned about having to provide remote IT support for the team. With the whole team using Chromebooks, we didn’t need to worry about either of these things,” said Maclay.


The collaboration features provided by Google Chromebooks and Google Workspace meant that the team still felt connected even when they were working remotely. With Google Meets, they were able to stay connected to each other and also to the clients they were working with. Using Google Docs on Google Drive, they were able to collaborate remotely, in real time, meaning productivity didn’t drop despite no longer being able to meet face-to-face.


“It was really important for us to ensure that our workers didn’t feel isolated during the long lockdowns, as they were already dealing with social isolation. With the Google tools we were able to keep the team connected and cohesive,” said Sue Hope, Director, TargetBase Integrated.


In Asia Pacific, there are different lockdown mandates in different countries and cities. Google Chromebooks and Google Workspace make it possible for some workers to return to the office, whilst others continue to work at home. Hybrid working is the way forward and TargetBase Integrated is well set up with technology to support its team to work anywhere, anytime.

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