Business Partner Campaigns And Events

Our marketing practitioners have many years experience working for large global IT vendors to develop the marketing arms of their Software Channels. 

Empowering and engaging your Channel Partner network can make a major difference to your overall performance. We are highly experienced in Channel Partner Marketing and including engagement, empowerment and motivation and can provide skilled resources with experience covering Resellers, OEM’s ISV’s and Systems Integrators, Managed Service Providers and Influencers.

Our people understand what drives a Business Partner to invest their time, money and resources to develop your Brand and products.

Their skilful use of MDF and PIP to ensure the Business Partner is investing the right effort and resources from their Sales, Marketing and Executive Team ensures that your Brand gets the best possible focus within their organisations.

They work with your Team to ensure that all the critical elements are in place for any campaign activity. They also ensure that all internal marketing activities are fully leveraged by the Business Partner community.

The first step for success with Business Partner marketing and lead generation is buy in at all levels and our experienced marketing resources know the right approach to make this happen.

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