Software Asset Management And Audit Advisory

Experienced Certified SAM Practitioners to Establish, Optimise, Monitor, Report and Support you through a difficult software audit.

Targetbase SAM practitioners have 30+ years of hands on experience in the software industry. We have extensive experience in deploying and managing SAM (Software Asset Management) environments. Our practitioners are annually certified by IAITAM (International Association for IT Asset Managers).

We understand the requirements and platforms needed to maintain compliancy with your Software Vendors. We are experienced in deploying, monitoring and managing those platforms and are personally engaged with every customer. The outcome for your software audit is far too important to delegate responsibility to external or third parties, which is why we do not sub contract our work. It is all done by expert SAM practitioners with 15+ years experience who focus on achieving the best outcome for your software spend. Our referrals from satisfied customers are a testament to the dedication and committment to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

We assist your IT and Legal Teams (inhouse and external) through all the cycles of a vendor audit.

In the event you are invited to a software audit/review we are there from day 1 advising your Team and inhouse Legal Representive on the best approach. We monitor and manage the usage of your software licences to minimise the risk of large compliance fines from over deployment.

Our expertise spans all software vendors including but not limited to Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat and VMware.

We have assisted many customers who maintain an inhouse and external platform many of who are migrating some of all of their platforms to a Managed Service Provider. Over deployment or dual deployment is common during this phase if not properly monitored and managed, often requiring approval from your software vendor to co-exist duplicate platforms during the migration phase. Accurate reporting during this phase is also critical.  As specialists in this field we know exactly what needs to be done.  Our experience with helping customers during the migration of platforms spans AWS, Azure, DXC, IBM and other Managed Service Providers including Kubernetes and Openshift platforms.

We have hands on experience in BigFix Inventory, ILMT (IBM Licence Metric Tool), ILS (IBM Licence Services), Modern Client Manager, Flexera,Snow and the integration of ServiceNow and BigFix.

We take the confidentiality of your data and information seriously, and sign Non Disclosure Agreements with most of our clients prior to sharing of information.

Our Customer base includes:

  • Global vehicle manufacturers
  • Finance and Insurance organisations
  • State Government Departments
  • A Global Health Entity
  • A JAPAC Data Management Solutions organisation
  • A Utilities Wholesaler
  • Global Systems Integrators

We stay on top of the rules and requirements for every software vendor so you don’t have to. Because this is everything and the only thing we do, we have the expertise to help you better than any other organisation.

Software Vendors regularly update the rules, terms and conditions and tools required to stay compliant with the use of their software. Our practitioners have experience in identifying these exposures and helping you manage them proactively.

Our Process

Step 1 – We work with your IT Teams to ensure that your SAM environment is deployed based on the specific rules of the software vendor/s.

Step 2 – We establish your current licence position through past and current software contracts.

Step 3 – We commence discovery of your software licences online using vendor endorsed tools to provide a set of reports which highlight the usage and compliance of your software products. All exposures are highlighted and steps taken to address the issues. Our work encompasses migration or decommissioning of resources so an accurate view is available.

Step 4 – We continue to do the work outlined in Step 3 on a monthly basis and ensure regular follow up where issues identified need resolution.

Step 5 – Our work allows you to proactively manage your software licence usage as you can be confident when negotiating your renewal or in the event of a software review.

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