Is Your Business Getting Maximum Value From Your Software Investments

Founded in 2008 with offices in Singapore and Australia Targetbase Integrated is dedicated to ensuring clients achieve greatest value and performance from their software entitlements.

We focus on providing Software Licence Advisory Services to help clients navigate out of the rigid and often inappropriate software contracts and licensing which many organisations mistakenly believe they are locked into. We help our clients navigate the deliberate vagueness of vendor contracts. Many of these contracts have unfavourable terms that hold back key initiatives within the business.

Guiding clients through optimisation, negotiation, and compliance across all elements with software vendors offers our clients the value and freedom to operate more efficiently and intelligently. We have helped clients repatriate many millions of dollars from potential compliance fines into key business projects. Our experience with IBM Software Licensing is second to none. We have assisted clients with cost optimisation and audit defence for many vendors including IBM, Oracle, VWare and SAP to name a few.

Many of our clients look to us for advice to transition their software platforms seamlessly to a cloud based platform. We advise on the optimium approach, taking into consideration which vendor products provide better cloud performance over others which have potential performance issues on a cloud platform.

Our software practitioners who are also licenced Software Asset Management (SAM) consultants have been helping many customers to:

- Understand vendor pricing and terms
- Integrate intelligent risk management
- Adopt specific negotiation approaches to ensure best possible licensing models meet your current and future business needs
- Simplify your software usage and optimising your current expenditure through effective Software Asset Management
- Identify and action license non-compliance gaps
- Prepare you for compliance audits
- Negotiate the best deal from software or services vendors

Our software practitioners provide ongoing license support and advice to large global organisations. Some of these organisations include state governments, global and local health entities, large finance and insurance organisations and education departments and facilities.

Please contact us for an obligation free and confidential discussion by emailing us at [email protected]